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If you have any comments or questions about how I'm playing Flonne, please drop me a line! Especially as it has been a few years since I truly rp'd her. Anon is on with screening, but I do appreciate non-anon comments a lot. :3
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I found this and it made me happy...

This is updated code/instructions for fixing DW to have some colouring/tweaks to be more like LJ...well... ex-LJ. Just follow the instructions and you'll end up with a nice, wide, blue site again! :Db (Actually, I like the red... it's the grey background and odd lines around the comments that made me twitch. I was using a non-colour changing tweak, but it mysteriously stopped working today. :/a)

Want some font/readability tweaks? )

Also there's a few other stylish tweaks! (I believe you need the same greasemonkey/tampermonkey script though that's mentioned in the above link.) Here's a brand new one:

Here's a simple widescreen tweak:

And this is the one I was using that seemed to die, uh? Unless it was Chrome just being dumb... ANYHOO, in case it was just something being dumb, here it is... white BG, widescreen and some font tweaks:
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